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It’s summer, and that can only mean one thing in your yard – an invasion of pavement ants. Spring and summer are a particularly active time for the busy pavement ant which is why it is so common to have infestation during these times of year. The worker or drone ants have the job of leaving the nest searching for food and are attracted to any type of crumbs lying about or other food such as plant nectar and dead insects.

If you are currently feeling under attack by these common ants and home remedies aren’t ending the battle, it may be time to contact the ant pest control professionals to remove the ants from around your home.

What Are They?

Pavement ants are a common ant found in North America. It tends to nest in areas like sidewalks, patios, and even under large rocks. The pavement ant lives in colonies lead by a queen and are even prone to attacking other colonies and fighting for control of an area. They enter buildings and homes through cracks or openings found in doorways.

Dealing with Them

Think a DIY spray off the shelf of your local hardware store is the way to go when it comes to ants? Think again. The problem with contact sprays and other remedies to alleviate ants is that all they really tend to do is move the ants to another location away from the spray zone. It does not kill the colony and remove the problem.

Professional extermination at Ransford involves our trained technicians locating exactly where the colonies are and using bait that will be carried back to the colonies eradicating any new ants and the queen. Contact sprays can only eliminate the ants that have been directly hit by the spray. Our technicians take the time to discuss with you how the pavement ants are getting in the dwelling and any other issues such as excessive crumbs that are attracting ants to the inside of your home.

Prevention is the Best Medicine

Successful removal can also involve treating the outside of the home by locating the nests as well as treating the cracks and areas where ants are entering. If possible repair the cracks and crevices the ants are entering through.

To ensure long term removal and control, be sure to sweep up crumbs of food on a regular basis. Watch for signs of ant infestation such as winged ants when the weather warms up, small piles of sand or dirt close to the house that indicate tunneling into a colony, and most obvious numerous ants inside of your home.

If you’re sick of pavement ants, it’s time to give us a call. We are confident our technicians can solve your ant problem. Contact the professional technicians at Ransford today.

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