Bees and Wasps – What’s the Difference?

For many there is no greater deterrent to outdoor fun than the idea of a sting by a flying menace. For most, that means dealing with bees and wasps, and while it may not seem like there’s a difference between these two problem insects, they actually have very little in common.

The Stinging Truth in the Bees & Wasps Debate

The way these two insects sting are one of the biggest differences. Bee stings are generally always the result of a bee protecting their nests. When bees sting, they can only sting once as they leave the tiny barbed stinger in the skin of the victim. The sting leaves behind venom that causes pain, swelling, and itching. It is best to treat a sting as soon as possible to alleviate the pain and duration of the sting effects.

Wasps are predators and can sting multiple times because they don’t leave a stinger behind. Some species, such as hornets, are very aggressive. No matter what type you’re dealing with, though, wasps tend to swarm where food sources are available making garbage and picnic areas prime locations. Once stung, you can expect a raised welt, localized swelling, and pain.

Other Differences

The ways and reasons these two insects sting are far from the only differences. Take a look at a few other differences between the two.


  • Not Aggressive
  • Efficiently pollinate all kinds of plants
  • Produce Honey
  • Bees should only be considered a nuisance when their nests have been built on dwellings or in buildings where humans are in danger of being stung. Getting rid of bees in general can be a real problem because they’re so environmentally beneficial.


  • Very Aggressive
  • May Collect Some Pollen, but Not Efficient Pollinators
  • Spend Time Killing Small Insects
  • If you see a wasp nest, which can vary in size and structure, hornet nests can be as big as basketballs and mud dauber nests are smaller tubes of mud in sheltered areas, it is important to call a professional to properly remove the nest immediately. These are always a nuisance problem on your property, and getting rid of wasps as soon as possible is an absolute must.

The Similarities

Despite big differences, there are a few similarities between the two creatures. Elimination of either demands the help of professional bees and wasps removal company like Ransford. We are ready to answer emergency calls to remove nests with our environmentally safe wasp and bee removal.

Ransford Pest Control technicians are trained to remove the nest and threat of sting keeping you safe from the potential of bees & wasps stings.

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