What You Can Do About Opossum Control

Opossums can be a big problem as the weather warms up. Knowing as much as you can about this wildlife problem can keep them off of your property.

A Brief Overview

Opossums are marsupials, or mammals that have a pouch. Their offspring are born not fully developed and make their way to that pouch, where they continue to develop. They are normally the size of a house cat and have a thin tail that’s similar to a rat’s tail.

If frightened, an opossum will often faint and acts dead. They will also emit a foul odor and bare their teeth, which make predators, believe they actually are dead. This is where the term “playing possum” comes from.

Opossums do not build their own dens. Instead they take over abandoned animal burrows, hollow logs, woodpiles or brush piles. They also seek shelter under porches, in attics, crawl spaces, sheds, garages or other buildings that they can get into. Once inside they will do quite a bit of damage. This is when they really become a nuisance.

They’re just as much of a problem outside, too, though. There, they rummage through garbage cans, harass or injure pets or they eat or trample plants. The best method of opossum control is to remove this pest is by contacting Ransford Pest Control, your Worcester wildlife pest control specialist.

Why shouldn’t you just put traps out on your own? Most states require the animal to be relocated by a licensed wildlife expert and killing these animals is often not permitted in most states so the best solution is finding a licensed and experienced wildlife control expert to trap the animal and deal with it from there.

How can you keep opossums from entering your property in the first place? The best method of opossum control is to screen or block off access to the area by closing off possible openings under the house, deck, sheds or other structures with ¼ inch mesh hardware cloth. It’s also a good idea to bury the hardware cloth at least 6 inches under the ground when possible since opossums can dig. You will also want to keep your yard clean and keep your pet food inside since that will attract opossums.

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