The Bed Bug Elimination Process

Did you know a homeowner’s attempt to get rid of them by themselves can actually make a bed bug infestation worse? Bed bug elimination can be extremely difficult, so it’s best to leave their extermination to a professional. Wondering how the process works? Take a look.

The first step in any treatment for bed bugs is for a professional to come into your home and perform a thorough inspection. Normally a visual inspection will find your problem, but there are times when a visual inspection just isn’t enough. bed bug elimination Ransford Pest Framingham

If bed bugs are found, you will then have to determine what type of treatment should be used to eliminate your problem. Exterminators have used chemicals to treat bed bugs for years. Unfortunately there are now chemical resistant strains of bed bugs throughout the U.S. and each strain has a resistance to a particular product. Because of this, Ransford uses multiple products when treating a home and will also perform two separate treatments to make certain that your bed bugs have been eliminated. We will also schedule a follow up visit in 30 days to make certain your problem was taken care of.

One great option we have at our disposal, is steam spot treatments. This treatment can be used for areas or items in your home where you simply don’t want chemicals used such as your child’s play area or a pet’s bedding. The use of steam that is high temperature and low moisture kills bed bugs instantly. It will also sanitize their fecal matter and keep these items sanitary. By using Ransford’s steam spot treatments along with their conventional chemical treatment your home can be bed bug free. And you will not have to worry about chemicals being on areas that you simply want chemical free.

To learn more about how we can help with bed bug elimination, contact Ransford Pest today.

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