Wildlife Activity Levels On the Rise

As it warms up, wildlife starts feeling its oats. Raccoons in the garbage, opossums in the backyard, and then there’s the worst – skunks. You haven’t had an evening truly ruined until you’re scrubbing skunk off a dog that hates taking a bath.

wildlife1Skunks you can typically tell by their smell. They like to come out as it gets dark, so if you’re a late-night jogger, keep an eye out. They tend to use particular paths repeatedly, so if you smell them in your yard a few nights around the same time, it’s a good bet that your property’s become a skunk throughway.

Skunks require specially designed traps. You don’t want to pick up a regular cage and get sprayed with their stench, but at the same time, they need to be able to breathe after becoming trapped.

While opossums can also smell bad, they don’t smell as bad as skunks. They can, however, pose a serious threat even to large dogs. If you see one in your yard, do not let the dog out to chase it away. Opossums aren’t particularly fast and they will rarely run. They’ll sooner play dead or confront your pet. Opossums give birth one to three times a year, and if there are any young nearby, the parent will turn and fight your dog. Do not allow a dog to go after a possum. No matter how tough your dog is, a possum can do serious, deadly damage.

The same holds true for raccoons, especially because when you see one, there may be multiple. Raccoons are smart, problem-solving animals.

Rarely do any of these animals pose direct threats to humans. (Except for the smell – if you get sprayed by a skunk, you’re not going into work for a few days.) They can be nuisances, threaten the well-being of your pets, and cause damage to your home. They’re typically searching for food, water, or guarding their young. It’s best to trap them, and that’s our job. We’re happy to come in, investigate your wildlife problem, and come up with a safe and humane trapping solution.


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