This is the Pest That Will Tick You Off the Most

Nobody likes ticks. Bees, ants, spiders? In moderation, those kinds of animals provide a service to an area. There’s no such thing as ticks in moderation, though. Even finding one sends a chill up your spine. Because of the way they access and feed from your bloodstream, ticks are dangerous carriers of disease.

ticks1DEET is a suitable tick repellent for skin while permethrin is a suitable repellent for clothes. On animals, always check with your veterinarian before using a repellent, since dogs and other pets react very differently to them than humans. No repellent is a 100% effective solution. Wearing long pants during hikes can help, but ticks are small and like to move when they initially find a host. After a hike in the woods or through brush, you should always check yourself for ticks. Run your hands across your skin. They can crawl like any other insect, so that means exposed and non-exposed areas. If you take a dog with you, run your hands through their fur, over their head, and down each leg. If you feel a bump anywhere, investigate to make sure it’s not a tick.

This is for both your and their health. A tick that falls off a dog in your home today can get a second meal from you tomorrow. Ticks can transmit Lyme Disease, Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever, and Ehrlichiosis, a range of diseases that can bring with them fevers, extreme exhaustion, muscle pain, and sometimes even death.

When removing a tick, be sure to grasp it near its burrowed head with a pair of tweezers. Pull gently but firmly, without twisting. The tick will release its bite. The danger in removing a tick is that you can twist the body off the head, leaving the head still feeding.

Some of the diseases ticks carry can also create longer-term complications. Give Ransford Environmental Solutions a call and we can help you identify a tick. If you have an infestation near your home, we can help you take care of that so you don’t have to expose yourself to ticks and the diseases they carry.


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