Squirrels are Very Busy Now

Since squirrels are the most active during late winter, now is the time to keep an eye out for them and keep them out of your home. For squirrels, this is mating season, and they are looking not only for a mate, but also for a place to seek shelter, give birth, stay warm and raise their young. The key is to ensure that the place they choose isn’t your house.

squirrels 1As pesky as these creatures are, Massachusetts law states that trapping and exclusion cannot take place between February and April, then again between June and August. That makes now the perfect time to make sure they can’t get in. Squirrels will normally try to enter your home’s attic since that’s the best place for them to stay dry, warm, nest, store their food and keep out of the way of people and their enemies. Once there, they can do a lot of damage to your home. They can chew through anything wooden such as your roof’s timbers which can threaten your house’s structure. They can also chew through electrical wiring which will cause an electrical hazard and destroy insulation, wires, vents, chimneys and so much more. Squirrels also destroy many of your possessions since they will break into anything for their search for food. Keeping them out is absolutely essential. The longer they are in your attic, the harder it is to exclude them and keep them from re-entering your home.

Wondering what you can do? The best way to keep squirrels out is to keep your house in good repair by making certain that there are no holes and no damaged or missing trim. You should also trim the tree branches that overhang your house so that they do not have access to your roof. If you have a chimney, a cap should be placed over it to make certain they do not enter your home that way.

Worried you’re already fighting this battle? The single best thing you can do is call us immediately to help. Contact us today to learn more.

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