Headed Somewhere for Spring Break – Watch out for Bed Bugs

There are many things that people want to bring back with them when they return from spring break like sea shells, postcards and other souvenirs. One thing that people do not want to bring back with them? Bed bugs. Yet it happens almost all of the time. Is there anything you can do to prevent this problem? Take a look.

bed bugs 1Before you leave on your vacation its best to check a hotel’s reviews online. People will normally mention in their review if they found bed bugs. You should also call the hotel and ask them about their bed bug prevention program, if they have bug mattress and box spring encasements or if they have routine inspections for pests. This will help you learn more about whether this is the best place to stay while you’re away.

During your vacation you will want to inspect your hotel room upon check-in to make certain that there are no bed bugs. Place your luggage in the bathroom during the inspection since its unlikely bed bugs will be in there. Begin by inspecting the bed. Pull back the linen and inspect all the way around and under the mattress. Look for blood stains and black dots that look like pepper. Bed bugs are about the size and shape of an apple seed and can hide in the seams of the bedding or mattress. Then expand your search to about 15 feet around the bed. Look behind picture frames, under the alarm clock, in the drawers along with any books in there. Look anywhere they can hide, including the carpet. If you see anything suspicious contact the front desk and demand to be moved to a different floor. Make certain the new room isn’t above or below your old room. During your stay keep your clothing in your luggage and do not place your luggage on the bed or on the floor.

After you return from vacation you will want to inspect your luggage before you enter your home. Then wash and dry all clothing that was taken immediately on the hot cycle before returning that clothing to your drawers or closet. Lastly, keep an eye on your home and immediately call in a professional pest control company if you believe you might have bed bugs.

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