Commercial Pest Control In Warehouses

Typically when you think of pest control services, you likely think of your pest control specialist coming to your home to take keep pests at bay. However, warehouses can also be affected by pests. In fact, warehouses are extremely vulnerable to pests.

The Warehouse Problem

warehouse 1Wondering why warehouses are so vulnerable? There are actually a number of reasons. First, there are many different entry points for pests to utilize. Overhead doors are often opened and closed many times each day. Additionally, there are often defects in the structure of a warehouse that makes it even more vulnerable to pest entry. Finally, on top of these risks, if the warehouse stores several different types of products together in one location, such as non-food items and food items, the risk of pest entry and infestation is increased at an even higher level.

The Dangers Involved

What can happen if pests take up residence in a warehouse? The products stored inside are negatively affected. When they arrive at customers’ homes or offices, they are contaminated by droppings, webbing and skin casts. If customers realize that the goods are negatively affected, expect that to change the way the brand is perceived. Customers might start complaining and filing for compensation claims. Expect cancelled contracts and revenue losses. Worse yet, the pests could lead to prosecution of the company for non-compliance with certain laws.

Prevention Is the Best Medicine

There are actually a number of preventative things you can do to keep pests out of your warehouses.

  • Create strong policies about bringing food into certain areas and trash disposal within your warehouse.
  • Redesign your current structure to include rat-proofing techniques and lighting that doesn’t serve as an attraction for insects. Put a plan into place that includes aggressive caulking efforts, screened vents, and better cleaning procedures.
  • Consider a program with your pest control specialist for physical controls like traps for rats and mice to help monitor the population.

Commercial pest control in warehouses is a vital part of running your business so that your company remains a viable brand. The last thing you want to do is lose business over something that could be avoided by regular visits from your pest control specialist. In fact, all it takes is a phone call. We will come to you to build a plan that meets your needs now.



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