Winter Wildlife Control

During the cold winter months, what is your first instinct? Do you prefer to stay inside your warm home and stay comfortable? Just like you, the wildlife around you starts searching for warmth when the cold weather starts hitting. If they are out in nature, they will look for a hole, tunnel, leaf pile, log, or nook to burrow down in. But, if the animals are living near neighborhoods, they see your home as a great place to get out of the cold.

wildlife Jan 1That said, the closer your home is to nature, the more animals will want to become your housemates. In other words, if your leaves never got raked or bagged, you are inviting critters into your yard to hide from the cold. If you have holes that you have never taken the time to fix on your deck, garage, or outside walls, then you have left an opening that resembles a hole in a tree for creatures to bring their babies into and out of the cold temperatures outside. Your attic, if it has any access points, might become a resting place for wildlife that live inside the trees.

That said, the less that your home looks or feels like nature, the less inviting it will be for wildlife. If you have cleaned up any wood piles from around your house, and raked and bagged leaves, and if you have covered up any holes or access points on your home, wildlife will be less interested in making your home their home.

Finding Help Fast

Already have wildlife that has decided your home looks like an amazing place to stay for the season? Whether you’ve taken precautions or left them aside, calling in the professionals is an absolute must. We can help. Give us a call, and we’ll not only eliminate the wildlife that has decided to call your place home, but we’ll give you the tips you need to make certain it doesn’t happen again.

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