Mice Curling Up in Your Attic Over the Winter

When you think of attic invaders during the winter, the creatures that might pop up in your mind would likely be bats or squirrels. Mice might not come to mind first, but, unfortunately, they can certainly decide to call your attic home this winter. They are often looking for a warm place to hibernate, and what better place than your attic?

As cute as mice may seem, having them curl up in your attic over the winter can become a real issue. One mouse seen potentially means more are hiding. What starts out as a few mice can turn quickly into an infestation. In the attic, they often use materials like attic insulation and cardboard to make their nests.

mice Jan 1Just like any other invader, mice will leave a trail of feces. This trail may be your first indicator that there is a problem. In order to see exactly where the mice are hiding, you can listen for noises. Some noises you may hear at night are scratching, chewing and squeaking in the walls or ceiling. If the attic is in suspicion as their home, get as close as you can to the attic, or sit in the attic quietly and wait. Another way to learn where the mice have made their home is to look for chewed and damaged insulation. Also, you will likely find piles of droppings where the mice are nesting.

Getting rid of the mice is going to be important. One main reason, besides that they are annoying, that you want to get rid of the pests as soon as you can is that they can carry multiple diseases, which can be spread to your family and your pets. Another big reason that you don’t want to let the mice continue to reside in your home is that they can cause a lot of damage. They are known to chew on everything from your wooden furniture, your drywall, your food and your electrical wiring!

So, if you have found mice curled up in your attic, or if you even suspect that they are there, give us a call today!


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