Checking for Bed Bugs after Traveling

Traveling can be fun and exciting. Of course, you always want to take pictures and shop for souvenirs so that you can always remember the fun times you had when you went on your travels. However, what you don’t want to bring home from your travels is bed bugs.

You might be thinking that there is no way that you would bring home bed bugs with you, right? After all, you are clean and tidy. You don’t stay in dirty places. It might, then, surprise you to learn that bed bugs are not just in dirty environments. If you read on, you can learn about checking for bed bugs after traveling and learn a few tips for keeping bed bugs from returning with you.

bed bugs Jan 1First, while you are on vacation, make sure that you start by checking the room you are staying in for signs of bed bugs such as spots on the beds. If you happen to notice possible signs, request that they move you to a different room in a different location in the hotel. If you suspect that you have roomed with bed bugs, make sure that, before returning home, you place everything in plastic bags and seal them up. Then, upon your arrival home, make sure that you place everything you can in your dryer on the highest possible heat setting. The heat will actually kill the bed bugs.

Once you have arrived home, unpack your belongings somewhere like the garage, laundry room or mud room. As you unpack, you need to use a flashlight to inspect your clothing and other belongings. This includes the insides of your luggage. Make sure to check every nook and cranny. Of the items that you have unpacked, if you suspect that they may have become infected with bed bugs, launder what you can on high heat. What can’t be laundered should be treated with either extreme heat or extreme cold in order to kill the bed bugs. Just make sure that you don’t bring the items into the house until you have treated them.

If you are unsure as to how to treat your items, or you suspect that you might have brought the bed bugs home from vacation and you feel you need help with removing them, be sure to contact Ransford Pest, your bed bug control specialists, right away!


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