Lessen Your Holiday Stress: Rent a Lift

It’s almost time for your annual holiday struggle. You’ll have to spend time untangling the lights, checking to make sure they work and then dragging out your personal nemesis — the big ladder. That wobbly, unsteady, dangerous demon that lives 99% of the year in the darkest recesses of your garage or storage shed. You’ll have to scale up its scary heights to hang your lights and wreaths, tempting fate and risking a fall with each few feet of decorated roof line.

Holiday Lights 1 decThere is a better way to your home’s holiday glory. You don’t have to brave the big ladder. You could rent a lift instead. A 50-foot lift and operator will make short — and safe! — work of even the most massive home holiday light display.

A lift will give you the height you need to place all your most festive pieces and lights but that’s not all. It will also give you a safe and stable platform from which you can work without fear of falling. You’ll be able to decorate without worry. You’ll also get an operator who knows how to use the equipment and will work to make sure you stay safe and the job gets done.

The holidays present their own set of challenges that a lift will help you surmount but there are plenty of other opportunities throughout the year as well. In the spring, you can use a lift to shore up your exclusion methods like screening you attic vents and removing gutter debris. In the summer you can make sure squirrel and nuisance bird nests are cleared away. In the fall, use a lift to trim trees and remove dead branches. This is the best time to get them down before the weight of winter ice and snow brings them down on your roof or car!

If you’re a business owner, a lift will save you time and eliminate risks. Use one to change your sign letters or sweep away pigeon debris. Changing light bulbs in your parking lot lights or outdoor signage will be so much easier with a safe lift and a qualified operator. Your employees will thank you for it!

Don’t let your annual holiday display or other seasonal tasks put your health and safety in danger. Rent a lift instead.


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