Decorate Your Home with a Lift!

Seasonal decorations are becoming more and more popular. Pinterest and similar sites are packed with decorating tips and ideas to give your house a new look with each passing season. With the holidays upon us, now is a prime season for outdoor decorating. So give your décor a lift by renting a lift.

holiday lights Nov 1This holiday season has some great outdoor decorating opportunities. There are specialty lights, wreaths, inflatables and stand-ups all dedicated to celebrating the holidays with multi-colored trees, cooler weather and peppermint flavored everything. Here are a few ways you can get on board with this up-and-coming decorating trend.


You can make or buy holiday-themed wreathed that perfect for Christmas. Choose red and silver colors that complement the green of your holiday wreath. Adorned your wreath with bells, nutcrackers, or cranberries. Don’t forget to rent a lift to hang large wreaths from high places on your homes exterior.


String lights come in all kinds of colors and themes these days. It’s not all “winter wonderland” anymore. Pick blue or pink to highlight your traditional lights or to make your home more unique. String them in trees or run them along the roofline. Adding large lighted ornaments from a tree can add to your holiday spirit. Renting a lift will make hanging lights a breeze. You’ll be able to stand on a stable platform to do your work instead of a wobbly, dangerous ladder.

Outdoor Décor

If you have kids in the family, you may be interested in a Peanuts themed inflatable this season. Also popular this year is the Star Wars inflatables. If you are interested in something more traditional, create a lighted candy cane pathway to your home. Or add an outdoor lighted snowman or Christmas Tree. The options are endless and many online retailers to choose from.

When decorating outside this season, it is important to remember that a lift is your best friend. It’s safer and so much easier than using the old, rickety ladder!

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