Ants are Everywhere

It’s not an exaggeration. Ants really are just about everywhere. These industrious and sometimes invasive insects have populated almost every landmass on the globe. They aren’t afraid to add your back yard to their extensive home range. How can you hope to control such a wide-spread pest?

ants oct1Ants are indigenous to every continent except Antarctica. There are a few remote or inhospitable islands that have escaped ant colonization. Unless you live in one of these rare examples, you will have to learn how to operate amongst ants.

More than 12,000 separate species have been cataloged and scientists estimate that there are likely somewhere around 22,000 or more in existence. The incredible variety of species makes them a tough pest to categorize and control. Each poses its own set of unique challenges.

Identifying what kind of ants are troubling your office, home or yard is the first step to getting them under control. A pest control specialist can be your biggest aid in identifying some of the most common ant species in your area. You can also research online but many ants are so physically little that seeing the small variations that distinguish one from another can be difficult for the average homeowner. The practiced eye of a pest control expert can be more helpful than a series of electronic images.

Once you know what kind of ant is entering your home or office, you can start to work towards eradicating any current ants and excluding any future ants. Sprays and baits available in the big box stores are typically fairly effective on any ants that you can see. However, the ants you can’t see often pose the more serious problem. If you have sugar ants you’ll need to work on sanitation issues like keeping food, especially sweets, in sealed containers. If you have fire ants, you’re going to have to be extra careful! No matter what species is bugging you, you’ll need to find out how they are getting in and out of your house. Correcting the issue of access is one of the best ways to prevent future infestations.

Pest control specialists can help you identify, treat and exclude ants and many other pests. The time to call is really before a problem develops. Make an appointment to prevent rather than treat an ant problem. Remember, ants really are everywhere.


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