What’s the Difference Between a Bee and a Wasp?

When a stinging insect comes flying at you, you’re probably not going to question whether you have an incoming bee or wasp. Your first instinct may be to swat. Your second might even be to run. Understanding what you’re dealing with, though, can be essential to preventing those nasty stings this time of year.

The Similarities

wasp1There are actually a few similarities between the creatures besides the fact that they can both sting you. They’re both insects from the suborder Apocrita. They also both come from the phylum Arthropoda. The comparison between these insects, though, ends there.

The Differences

One of the biggest differences between the two is the level of aggressiveness involved. Bees are far less aggressive than their wasp counterparts. In fact, honey bees even die the moment they sting someone. Other bees can sting multiple times, but you’ll typically find them far less willing to do so. Wasps can sting multiple targets, multiple times, and they will do so any time they feel threatened.

Even their feeding habits are different. While bees are pollinators, wasps are predators, and they’re ready to take on almost anything to get a good meal. They prey on or parasitize other insects of many varieties.

The two also look slightly different. Bees are long and fat, but wasps are long and thin. Bees are also usually social creatures, while wasps may either be social or solitary creatures.

Do The Differences Matter?

The differences between bees and wasps do matter, to a certain degree. It’s helpful to understand just what you’re dealing with if you suddenly have a problem in your home or yard. Once you’ve established that, however, the answer is the same for both types of pests. You should call professional help immediately.

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