Watch out for Yellow Jackets

When yellow jackets build their nests in low hanging trees, they may interrupt picnics or be drawn to any food or drinks you happen to have outside, but it’s when they make nests under porches in our homes or in the corners of buildings that their presence seems more troublesome. These wasps harbor lance-like stingers and can sting repeatedly, unlike bees’ singular sting, but they only sting when their colony is threatened. They’re not aggressive unless they feel their own lives are at stake.

yellow jacket 1 augWhile we think of yellow jackets as a nuisance due to their potential to pierce, they’re quite beneficial as a predator to certain insects. In the garden, while honeybees tend more toward pollination, yellow jackets search for insects through the foliage to feed their colony during the first part of the summer. In fact, some people wish to attract yellow jackets to their gardens to naturally help with insect control.

If you find a yellow jacket nest or a few of these wasps floating around, call a professional from Ransford Pest Control to help you assess the situation. Yellow jackets often build their nests underground or in well-hidden patches on buildings, and it’s important to first locate their sometimes elusive source. Since yellow jackets exist as both helpful to get rid of pesky insects and potential threats to ourselves, treatment plans need to be devised with care, and our company considers various interconnected components before figuring out the best action to take. There are ways to neutralize and remove a yellow jacket nest without using pesticides or destroying the colony’s home altogether.

Each thing has a natural place in the larger ecosystem or it wouldn’t be here, and we need to find ways to coexist that don’t pose threats to well-being. Ransford Pest Control can help locate nests and figure out solutions based both on your particular locale and the kind of treatment plan you’re most comfortable with.



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