It’s Termite Treatment Time

While termites are tiny, only 1 cm up to a few mm, their damage inside and beneath the foundation of your house can be quite prolific. Some termites make their home in soil and build elaborate tunnels to get above ground. Other termites feed off wood– from dead plants, dead trees (even books), and dead parts in living trees– and these drywood termites can infest furniture and walls. Once a colony matures, they grow wings, move toward sources of light, and multiply into further colonies, multiplying their potential destruction.

While winged termites are most active in spring, termites threaten your home year round. Here are a few preventative tips to consider:termite 1 aug

  • Get rid of any moisture problem areas in your home, including faucet or AC leaks, keep gutters clean, eliminate standing water on the roof, make sure entryways for utility and water pipes are sealed tightly.
  • Clear away any potential food sources: firewood, debris, and that there’s enough space between decks and soil.

Those simple, careful preliminary steps may still not keep termites away. It’s best to call a professional not only for treatment but also for preventive measures. We provide service visits to give advice about prevention as well as treatment plans. During a service visit, we can look for potential problem spots particular to your home. We see and treat termites in a variety of homes and businesses and know what to look for.

Some signs that termites have infested your home include:

  • wood that sounds hollow to the touch
  • fallen wings from matured termites
  • paint that cracks or bubbles
  • tubes on the walls that resemble mud

We want to protect your home from unwanted intruders, but we do offer treatments that don’t involve broad pesticide use. A technician will work with you to implement strategies that require zero to little pesticides.

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