Raccoons Frequent Summer Guests in Your Yard? These Prevention Tips can Help

If a raccoon gets into your yard and finds something delicious, chances are it will return with the assumption that there’s more. You can safely assume a raccoon is frequenting your yard if you see messy or empty trash in the morning after– it may look like a storm, but if bags are chewed through and trash particles strewn about, most likely a smart nocturnal creature with hunger in its belly has paid a visit. It’s too bad we can’t collaborate on world issues with these clever problem-solvers, but eating our leftovers is also not good for them, and letting them visit your yard on a routine basis can be dangerous. These tips can help keep them out.

  • raccoon 1 JulyTo try to keep these night wanderers at bay, do not feed a raccoon no matter how cute it may appear. These really are dangerous wild animals, and they will come back for more.
  • Keep your trash secured. It’s helpful to have layers between the scent-driven creatures and their potential prize, so put all loose trash in plastics bags before you put them in bins. If you find raccoons can get into your trash bins even with lids on, you can secure those lids more tightly with bungee cords.
  • Make sure any pets and their food come indoors with you at night.
  • Keep compost in a secure container so the raccoons can’t get in and raid it for tasty treats.
  • Clean any barbeque areas as well as grease traps in your outdoor kitchen to keep the raccoons from discovering their new favorite spot to eat.
  • If you have a summer garden, raccoons may be more difficult to keep away from the open vegetables. In this case, a fence is helpful (even something as simple as chicken wire), or perhaps a motion-sensored sprinkler system.
  • It’s also important to pick up any birdseed or fallen fruit to keep raccoons away.

If these prevention tips don’t work, however, don’t blame yourself. Raccoons are quite adept and evolved at manipulating things to their advantage. Simply call an expert. Give us a call at 508-756-5197or visit us online today.



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