Flea Control Tips You Need Now

Fleas may be miniscule in size, but in terms of the problems they create, they’re massive. No matter how tiny one flea is, an infestation does not ever feel small. Once they take hold of your house, it’s hard to get rid of them. Fortunately, these prevention tips can help.

flea 1 JulyThe first essential prevention tip of course, is to keep your pets free of fleas, whether it’s from a veterinary or another method. It’s important to check your pets for fleas frequently and try to catch any early, as they can also lay many eggs within the pet’s (and your) environment. If your pet does have fleas, you need to properly treat them with quick timing.

We can unwittingly drag fleas into our homes on our pant legs, so it’s important to wash clothing after hikes, especially in early Fall. Fleas like to live in carpets and blankets, so hardwood floors are preferable. They thrive in any kind of messy or dirty environment, whether indoors or out, and so it is important to keep lawn mowed and yard space tidy.

If you do have an infestation, sanitation is key: vacuum and shampoo carpets, wash bedding, and treat your furniture. It also helps to put infected bedding into securely tied plastic bags for a time before you wash them.   After you wash your bedding, make sure to put them in the drier and not hang them on the clothesline; the drier will help get rid of them.

Fleas also love stuffed animals. If your child is partial to the stuffed animals and cannot part with them, the toys still need to be sealed in a plastic bag for about a month’s time.

Along with, or even instead of, all this troublesome cleaning, the best and most efficient thing to help with flea control is a professional to manage it all. To schedule an inspection for your home, call Ransford Environmental at 508-626-2847 or visit us online today.



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