Controlling Mice In Your Home: Some Helpful Hints

Most of us are familiar with the skin-crawling feeling that accompanies seeing a mouse scurry from the corner of our eyes. While these rodents are small, they can bring even smaller and potentially harmful things with them, such as ticks, so it’s important to pay attention to their presence and fix the problem.

Why Are They An Issue?

mice 1 JulyMice can chew through openings around the home, holes in the wall, as well as floors and foundations. Most of the time, we won’t even know these holes exist until after there’s an infestation. While some try to then stuff holes with various cloths, mice can chew through such things.

Keeping the Problem at Bay

As a preventative method, make sure crumbs are swept off floors and wiped away on all countertops. The presence of a cat can also be a natural preventative. Mice like dark areas, so it’s helpful to keep these burrowing areas particularly clean. Attentive cleanliness is key to keeping mice away; once they arrive in your home, they can get into cupboards even if things are secured.

Calling in the Professionals

If mice do arrive in your home, call your local professionals for assistance, as they’re trained to know what to do in safe and humane ways. It can be troubling on a number of levels to try to find the right kind of trap for the mice in your home, or use sticky substances, and it may not fix the root of the issue. Professionals will know how to trace to the source of the problem and fix any holes or faulty foundation that allowed mice to enter in the first place. We can prevent future paths for the rodents to follow as we simultaneously fix the present infestation. Professionals can also pass along information about your particular area and provide further preventative knowledge catered to that specific geography. If you find yourself with a mice infestation, call Ransford Environmental at 508-626-2847 or visit us online today.

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