Are Squirrels Driving You Nuts?

Squirrels can be a nuisance on many levels. If you have bird feeders, they are notorious for managing to climb even the most intricate feeders to get something to eat. When the problems really begin is when squirrels find a way into your home or business. They can create an extensive amount of damage.

Differences between red and gray squirrels

squirrel1Gray squirrels have more of a stout build than red squirrels. Gray squirrels have more food sources available to them than red squirrels as they can digest tannins (acorns) and reds cannot. Gray squirrels are mainly gray in color with some brown coloring also mixed throughout. They, of course, share much of the same taste in habitat.

Red squirrels are smaller than gray squirrels in size and are sometimes confused with chipmunks. They also often cause more damage than gray squirrels. Despite their name, “red” squirrels aren’t always red, so you can’t always tell them apart by color. They can be almost black or light brown on the back with white stomachs and chests. They do have a unique attribute: their ears. They are famous for the long “eartufts”; their ears stand up taller than those of a gray squirrel.

Ridding your home/business of squirrels 

Call a professional; they know all the secrets and squirrels can be very tricky creatures to remove from inside spaces. Some tips include:

  • If you have tree branches hanging over a roof, porch, or deck that squirrels can jump to, trim them up.
  • Keep the outside of your home/business well-maintained; if there are holes anywhere, providing entry into your safe sanctuary, they should be repaired.
  • If you have a chimney, putting a cap over the opening on your roof can keep squirrels from getting in.
  • If you suspect there is a squirrel in your midst but you don’t know for sure, if they are entering through an open door, try sprinkling a little baby powder on the floor and see where the tracks lead to determine the whereabouts of the little rodent.

Traps can often be needed, especially in basements or attics. Let a professionally trained pest control team member solve your squirrel problems, whether they be gray or red. If you are experiencing squirrel problems in your home, Call 508-756-5197 or visit us online today.

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