Top Tips for Controlling Ants

There are many things associated with spring, including warming weather, bulbs in bloom and other treats. Unfortunately, ants are also a feature of spring, along with many other pests. Dealing with this picnic pest is a common feature for spring and summer. While getting an ant infestation is no picnic, it is preventable, and with spring right around the corner, now is the best time to come up with your plan of attack to keep those pests at bay.

antsGetting an infestation of ants is not necessarily the sign of a messy house. Ants can enter into your home through the tiniest of cracks in search of sweet foods, water or good places to build a nest. Because they leave a chemical trace for other ants to follow, where one goes, soon others will show up. They can build a nest just about anywhere, including walls, stumps, lawns and even under the foundation of your home.

If you spot ants, it is important to let a professional deal with them. Ants have a relatively long colony life, so once they move in, they plan on staying there for life. Further, most off the shelf treatments only treat the ants you can see, which will not eliminate the problem. In order for treatment to be most effective, a professional will have to kill the nest. Otherwise, using a spray can treatment from the department store will simply mean you are dousing your home in chemicals repeatedly, but not ever getting the job done.

If you want help controlling the ants in your home, contact our professional pest control experts today. We can help you counteract and eliminate any ant nests and create a plan to avoid further unwanted pests from moving into your home this spring.



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