Mosquitoes are Coming Sooner than You Think!

You might think that the season for mosquitoes is still pretty far off, considering how long it seem like winter lasted. But sooner than you think, those itchy bites will start to appear. With illnesses like West Nile Virus now being transmitted via mosquito bite, it’s more important than ever to make pest control a priority.

To fight the bite, take prevention seriously. Making sure mosquitoes don’t have a place to breed will cut their numbers and make your yard a less appealing place to live for mosquitoes. Here’s how to get serious about prevention.

Don’t stand for standing water.
mosquito1The primary thing that attracts mosquitoes is water. They prefer still or standing water, the kind with no current or motion. This is where they breed and it takes very little for them to set up shop.

Very little water is needed for mosquitoes to either lay eggs or survive as an egg. About 6 inches of diameter and a mere half inch deep is sufficient water for this. That’s just a small plant saucer of forgotten rainwater but it’s enough to give you a season-long supply of mosquitoes.

Search your property for standing water. Look for low, mossy spots that indicate consistent moisture. Find any debris that could hold more than a drop of water. Cans, tires, buckets, pots, dog bowls, bird baths and even small holes in the ground can collect water from your sprinklers, hose or rain.

Clean out your gutters regularly and dump out kiddie pools after use. If you have a plastic swing, drill a hole in the bottom so water can drain out. Do you tarp a boat or car? Make sure that tarp is tight. Just a little puddle on your tarp will become a breeding place for mosquitoes.

Treat your yard.
Once you’ve eliminated all the possible place water could stand, it’s time to treat the yard. A professional treatment will be the most effective option but there are DIY products on the market as well. If you’ve had trouble with mosquitoes in the past, a professional treatment is probably a better place to start.

If you’re looking to prevent mosquitoes, try some of the commercially available products at the home improvement store. There are sprays and granules that you can apply yourself.

The sprays should be applied to landscaped areas, grass and shrubs. Granules are spread with a fertilizer spreader and cover the grass. They create a barrier, usually of oils, that the insects don’t want to cross or land upon. These will last about 2 to 3 weeks, tops. A professional treatment, on the other hand, could last you all summer.

Get serious about mosquito season before it’s too late.

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