Top Tips for Controlling Pests in Your Area

As the weather gets warmer and we look forward to planting our gardens and watching our bulbs bloom, we are also aware that with the changing of the seasons comes the need to deal with and control the pests in our area. As we make our plans for the coming seasons, here are some top tips to help you get started.

pestcontrolThink about the lifecycle of certain pests. Everything has its season, and knowing when certain pests are more likely to be active can help you prepare to deal with them. Knowing that ticks see their biggest boost in the springtime can help you schedule maintenance to deal with this disease-causing pest. Bats are looking to bear and raise young now, so your attic space is certainly at risk. Consult your local pest control experts for a season by season guide to pests.

Control for new growth on your property. As the grass will soon begin to grow, you can prepare to deal with overgrowth or wet spots on your property. Shallow pools of water are great breeding grounds for mosquitos, so knowing this in advance will help you manage your property to better avoid these pests.

Schedule a thorough walkthrough of your property and home to catch any problems before they start. Sometimes a homeowner doesn’t realize they have a pest problem until it is too late. That old adage about seeing one and a hundred more in hiding is certainly true when it comes to the pests that chew through wood and destroy our property. A trained expert can identify signs of a pest infestation without even seeing a bug on site.

Get to know your area. If you have lived here a long time, you can recognize the typical pests and whether or not there has been a recent upswing in their activity. If you are less familiar with the seasonal trends in pests, then take advantage of your local pest expert’s knowledge on the matter and use it to manage your property wisely.

Don’t over-rely on sprays and poisons. Often the things you can buy over the counter do not completely eradicate the problem. While poisons and sprays will kill the surface bugs, they will do nothing to destroy a nest. Ant spray, for instance, will not get rid of a nest of ants. Other infestations, like bats, are so hazardous to a person’s health that it isn’t recommended to do it yourself without hazmat gear! Don’t put yourself needlessly in harm’s way. Do the job right the first time and call in the experts.

Utilize your local pest control expertise to help you get a jumpstart on the season. By being proactive and preparing for the coming warmer months, you can prevent problems before they even begin.

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