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No one wants to think about dealing with pests, and in many ways, the cooler months are a chance to forget about the worries of biting bugs outside and creepy-crawlies inside. But the months during which pests are not always as active are also a great time to get a jumpstart on solving any problems they might present. Now is the best time to tackle the termite problem. Here are some ways to identify whether you have this issue and how you can prevent it.

TermitesKnowing your enemy is the first step to conquering him. But in the case of the termite, you can’t always see whether you have them until they are well established in your home. Because they avoid air they prefer enclosed places or mud tubes, this makes them difficult to spot. Because they are social builders, they make the largest nest of any pest. While some termites build nests in damp wood, most of our termite problems start in the ground.

It is critical to deal with any termite problems as soon as possible. Subterranean termites cause Billions of dollars’ worth of damage across the United States. You might more easily identify termite mud tubes or termite swarms than find termite damage until it is too late.

Because you can’t always know the extent of your termite infestation, it is best to have a professional examine for and destroy termites. The one you see usually means thousands more are living in areas you cannot see. Rely on our expertise to protect your home from these pests. Get a head start by tackling them now.

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