Squirrels: A Serious Property Nuisance

One of the best parts of the season can be setting out feed in the garden and watching squirrels or birds coming to the feeder each day. Whether you live in town or in the country, squirrels bring in a sense of cottage garden cuteness. Squirrels in particular are one of those cute animals that people truly enjoy watching. But there are some important reasons why you may need to not be so quick to invite this critter into your backyard.

art1Once squirrels begin to damage property, they turn from cute and cuddly creatures we like to watch running around outside to furry little fire hazards chewing on wires in the attic. Squirrels really turn the corner from cute to pest once they have access to a home. And they are extremely persistent in seeking access to your home! By seeking to build a nest, they begin to search for any opening into a chimney or vent in which to access the attic or eaves. They may even chew through siding in order to gain access to your home.

Once inside, the real damage begins . The chewing doesn’t stop once they have access to the home. They will continue to chew on insulation and even wires; bared wires can then start a fire. Squirrels may also run across utility wires and can even in some cases short out a transformer. Not so cute!

Outside, squirrels typically cause damage in the following ways. They may dig up the lawn looking for nuts. They typically chew on bark or twigs, eat the fruit of your trees or dig up your bulbs you’ve planted for spring. Once an established squirrel family takes over, this damage becomes very noticeable and the cost can add up quickly.

Why should you turn to an expert? Understanding the laws of your area is critical. In some areas, squirrels are protected from some types of elimination. There are also a range of benefits you get from working with an expert. Control is more than elimination. You will get valuable tips regarding “disinviting” squirrels from your property altogether (keep them out of those bird feeders!), ways to protect your existing plants from squirrels as well as how to ensure your home is not an easy target for nesting. Further, when it comes to removing squirrels from your property, you don’t want to turn necessarily to pesticides, which can damage other wildlife, nor trapping, if you have no experience with it and don’t understand the rules regarding wildlife release.

Rely on the expertise of an integrated pest management company in order to make sure your home is completely pest free without needless and dangerous chemicals or other hazards.

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