Need a Lift this Spring for Cleanup Jobs?

Spring is the time we get most excited about our to-do list. We have our inside cleaning lists, our garden seed order form and our “honey-do” projects all lined up and ready to go. The weather is warmer and we are more inclined to get out and take care of the things we have been putting off all winter. Some jobs, though, require more of a helping hand than others. Instead of doing a project that could be dangerous with a typical extension ladder or leaning out of your second story windows, there is a better way. This spring, you might need a “lift.” Here are a few projects that really benefit from a 50 foot lift.

Lliftet there be light! All those tall bulbs are great for security and evening use, but what happens when those bulbs burn out? Those projects that require a tall bulb change will require some extra help. Any parking lot lights or other security lights that are too high to safely reach with a ladder should be done with a lift instead. Installing any other security cameras or lighting will be easier. Check the signs for your business and replace any burnt bulbs. There are plenty of outside projects that will make your home or business look much more professional and up to date, and now is the time to prepare to do them.

Outside maintenance is easier with a lift. There is certainly a lot to do with a two story home that can sneak up on a homeowner as the seasons change. Cleaning up those windows on the second floor or above safely will enhance the looks of your home or business. Installing leaf guards or cleaning gutters are better done before the stormy season.   Any outside paint jobs you have been planning are easier to manage, not to mention safer, with a lift. Pressure washing and cleaning your home or business as well checking the chimney caps are other springtime jobs that enhance your property.

Pest control in some cases is much easier with a lift. Squirrels will often try to nest in a home, running across wires and destroying attic space. Bats will try to fly in for breeding and nesting, and other pests are just as likely to try out your new digs for a home of their own. Bee nests can be particularly problematic at certain heights. Using a lift is a better way to investigate, clean out or exterminate pests from your living areas, and in some cases, depending on the structure, it’s the only way.

These are just a few projects you can manage with a lift. With a certified operator, there is so much you can do in a weekend! Whether it is a commercial enterprise or a personal need, with a 50 foot lift rental from Ransford, no job is out of reach!

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