Coming Soon: Tick Season

Being prepared for upcoming pests is the best way to ensure there are fewer problems with them later, when they begin to emerge. Before we know it, warmer weather will be here and so will the usual suspects in our yards and gardens. Before warmer weather brings out the worst in our yards, now is the time to get prepared for tick season.

ticksExamine the likely areas of infestation around your home. Since ticks cannot fly, they must latch onto someone or a pet via overgrown grasses near the home. But it is not uncommon to find ticks on the exterior of your home, as well, and many areas have reported higher than usual tick activity in recent summers. Keeping any overgrown areas trimmed will help reduce the chance of picking up a tick (but it is not a guarantee).

Ticks are of particular concern for our area. Our region is home to a variety of ticks, including the ones that carry Lyme disease. Painful to endure, if left untreated, Lyme disease can come back years later, even worse than before. Ticks can carry other forms of disease, though not necessarily as severe as Lyme disease, and they are of particular concern to your pets.

Typical treatments include making sure that any overgrown areas are identified and that the home and surrounding property are treated (usually up to one acre can be controlled). If you have noticed a particular problem with ticks from last summer, you might want to make arrangements for one or more follow up treatments as the summer season continues. If you must work in overgrown areas, wearing long sleeves and pants can help you avoid ticks. Keep pets out of overgrown areas that haven’t been treated. Prepare now and enjoy your summer tick-free.



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