What to Watch: Termites

You might think that with the change of season, insect activity would decrease and we would get a break as homeowners from dealing with them. Unfortunately, that is not necessarily the case. In fact, this is the time when insects such as termites, in particular, can do the most damage. Here are some important suggestions for managing termites this season.

blog2Termites should still be investigated during the winter season because they seek to find shelter and forage closer to their nests whenever they sense a change in the seasons. Subterranean termites actually move deeper into the ground to survive, which means they can be even more difficult to root out. Some homes may find that those termites living in the foundations of a home are actually unaffected by a season change, and remain just as active – and destructive – as before. Most homes provide the ideal food, shelter and temperatures these insects need to survive.

Just because you haven’t spotted a termite doesn’t mean you are problem free. While you won’t see as much activity from them in the winter season as at other times, they are far from ineffective. It can sometimes take up to four years before you begin to see signs of an infestation after the colony has matured; at that time, an unchecked colony can cause exponential damage, with termites going on to start “satellite” colonies.

One of the best ways to manage termites is to have a quality inspection done by an integrated pest management organization. Stopping a colony before it has the chance to become mature is critical to controlling pests. There are several types of termites, including dry wood, subterranean and more; this means you need an expert to assess your situation, uncover any damage and ensure the home is protected in the future. Don’t let the winter months provide a cover for these damaging pests!

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