Skunks – More than Just a Smell!

We can certainly all recognize the presence of a skunk before we even lay eyes on it! We warn our children to stay away, we try to keep our pets away, and we are probably used to thinking of skunks as just a smelly nuisance. But they can be more than just a foul smell – they can cause the kind of damage that requires a pest control management expert.

blog4What other damage can skunks cause? In many ways, having skunks around the property has its benefits. They keep rodents that are damaging to humans away and insect populations low. However, they also do damage to other animals as well. Chickens and their eggs are at risk, and a favorite meal of a skunk. Skunks will also feast on your garden vegetables and fruit or damage your lawn while digging around for insects. They are not opposed to getting close to your home. They like living beneath homes or especially in lesser used buildings. They have even been known to burrow under a low deck.

The biggest issue with a skunk is the fact that it is very often infected with rabies – second only to the raccoon. This can pose a serious danger to your pets and children. A squirt from a skunk is more than stinky – it can cause temporary blindness.

How is a skunk infestation treated? This is the best time of year to deal with a skunk infestation, as this is the mating season and skunks are very active during this time. The best way to control this population is to keep them out of the property by ensuring they have few holes or structures in which to make a den.

This is one of those situations where you really need to rely on an expert to help you reduce and remove any skunks on your property. Consulting with an expert who can help you evaluate your property, assess your habits and help eliminate any current skunk problems is the most effective – and safest – method of controlling this pest.

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