Bed Bug Facts You Might be Surprised to Discover

Bed bugs are one of the longest running pests in the human experience. Remember that saying, “Good night, sleep tight; don’t let the bed bugs bite?” That actually comes from an old English nursery rhyme from the mid-1800s! Bed bugs used to be one of those things associated with cheap motels or unclean living conditions – or an older time, to be sure. Recently, though, bed bugs have been making a resurgence. If you thought you knew everything about bedbugs, think again – there is plenty you need to consider.

art2Bed bugs are not necessarily about being unclean. Once, bed bugs were associated with seedier places or unclean apartment buildings. But the truth is, even five star hotels have had their problems with bed bugs from time to time, and that just might be how you track them home. Because of the transient nature of bed bugs – they move from place to place easily – they can be brought in with a suitcase and infect the room. If you suspect you have bed bugs, it probably says nothing about the condition of your home.

Bed bugs don’t just live in beds. While bed bugs love mattresses, they can live anywhere in the room. They prefer upholstered areas and can live in chairs that are near the bed. But they can also live in the alarm clock beside the bed! Pretty much any space they can crawl into, such as the headboard, the wall outlet, the cracks in the floor, are possible places for bed bugs to go.

Know the signs of infestation. Unfortunately, bite marks can take up to 14 days to develop for some people. So a bite isn’t always the best sign that you have an infection. Finding the actual bugs, of course, is the best sign. But by that point the infestation is pretty serious. You may find their exoskeletons on the mattress (or in between the mattress and box spring). You can also find rusty-colored blood spots which comes from their excretion on a mattress or on the nearby furniture. You may also notice a very sweet, musty odor. These are serious signs, though, so if you spot them, you need to contact a pest control management expert.

Develop a strategy for dealing with bed bugs. This includes a strategy for traveling as well as for dealing with them at home. If you are traveling, be sure to keep your luggage away from the bed or any upholstered items in the room to decrease the chances that you will pick up these little travelers and bring them home as unwelcome souvenirs! If you do think you have bed bugs in your home, work with an expert in pest control management to ensure that you are completely treating and preventing bed bugs from coming back!

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