Bats in the Attic: What You Need to Know Now

Maybe you have seen them swooping through the evening sky. Or maybe you bought a house recently only to discover that its attic is home to a family of bats. No one wants to imagine that bats have invaded the attic, but this is the perfect time of year for bats to move in. Here are a few important facts to know to help prevent – or remove – bats from your living spaces this season.

blog1Why do they move in? This is the season for “overwintering,” and actually the best time to remove bats, as there is no young present. If you wait until spring, you may find that bats have already set up nursery colonies and now you are overrun with bats. Why should you remove them? The risk of rabies with bats is quite high, despite their assistance with keeping the insect population down. Actually being bitten by a bat is uncommon, but who wants to take that risk, especially if one is already in the house?

Why are they such a nuisance? For one thing, they are not easily removable. They are persistent and intelligent pests who need to be “encouraged” to leave and take up homes elsewhere – and then prevent them from being able to return. They also leave behind mites and other spores in their droppings, which will need to be treated after the property is sealed and the bats removed.

Why do you need a pest management expert? Because in many areas, there are restrictions to just killing them. Additionally, there is no guarantee that just killing the existing tenants will prevent future bats from invading your attic. Once the bats are gone, you may need further treatment in the area for their mites, depending on how large the infestation was. You need the expertise of professionals to help you remove an infestation and ensure that it will not happen again.


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