Raccoon Removal – What You Need to Know Now

Raccoons – they look cute and friendly, but the reality is far from that adorable picture so many cartoons paint. Instead, these creatures are wild animals with sharp claws and even sharper teeth, and getting rid of them can be a serious problem.

racoon_closeupWhy They’re Attracted To Your Property

There are many reasons you may be experiencing raccoon problems. One fairly common problem many people don’t notice is the availability of food. Raccoons love bird feeders, garbage cans, gardens, and even lawn grubs. If raccoons find any of these items or even something like pet food that’s been left out, they might decide to move in. They may also be attracted to your home if you offer easy access to the inside. Loose siding, the ability to crawl into the attic, or natural habitats like hollow trees on your property all mean a great place for raccoons to live.

What You May Notice

Not sure you have a raccoon problem? There are a few common symptoms. They’re most active at night, and they’re quite noisy. They are also usually destructive, as if they’re trying to get into your home, they will pull off your siding or tear an opening. Raccoons will eat anything they can find, often raiding trash cans to lay their hands on what they want. They also like to live in darkness, so you won’t find a nesting site that isn’t completely dark.

The Next Step

If you have a raccoon problem on your property or in your home, your best next step is to call in the professionals. These wild animals can be quite dangerous to remove on your own, and we can help. With advanced technology to help eliminate raccoons from your property, we’ll ensure you don’t suffer any further damage from this problematic wildlife species. Contact us today to learn more.

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