It’s Winter! Spiders Are Looking For Warm Homes!

You think you’re cold as the temps begin to plunge. Imagine being a spider! With such a tiny body, these little creatures need a wonderfully warm place to spend the winter, and for most, that means moving in to hang out with you. Looking to keep spiders out? These tips can help.

  • Spider in home controlKeep The Outside of Your Home Free From Debris: Spiders love natural covering, so if you have lots of foliage near your home or mulch up against it, they’re going to be far more attracted to your home than they might be somewhere else. Pay attention to overgrowth. Keep wood piles well away from your home. Make certain trash is picked up and away from your house, and they’ll have fewer points of opportunity to come inside.
  • Holes, Screens, and Damage, Oh My: If you have holes in your siding, damage to your screens, or other problematic points outside you’re house, you’re naturally going to have more problems with spiders than you should. Make any repairs to the outside of your home the moment you notice a problem. Caulk any small holes you may have, and replace screens that are damaged. Make certain the sweep on your door or storm door is heavy enough to keep spiders out.
  • Keep it Clean: The cleaner and more clutter-free your house is, the less likely you are to have spider trouble. Vacuum nooks and corners on a regular basis. Keep clutter to a minimum. Sweep everywhere you can think of, even under the furniture, as all of those steps will help to reduce the number of potential spiders who live in your home.

If you do notice a spider problem in your home, give us a call. Our professional pest control methods mean not only getting rid of your problem right now, but the recommendations you need to keep it at bay well into the future.

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