Taking Care of Termites

The word “termite” is enough to make any property owner shudder. Just the thought of those tiny things eating away at the “bones” of your house is cringe-inducing. It’s not your imagination either. Termite damage can be quite serious — even enough to condemn a structure — and even a little damage is very costly to repair. You’ve got to create a long-term plan to take care of termites before they do any damage.

Blog 2 termites_everywherePreventative Treatments

If you are building a new home, consider preventative treatment to keep termites from attacking. Pre-construction treatments, also called pre-treats, can be done during the building process or even before it starts.

Traditional pre-treats are performed with liquid pesticides. (While these are still commonly used, there are other methods in development as well.) A physical barrier may also be laid to prevent termites from gaining access to your wooden structure. Baits can be installed in the soil under the home as well. The framing wood can be treated with a borax solution to make it toxic to the termites. All these pre-treats are designed to keep termites from ever entering the wood.

Post-Construction Treatments

While pre-construction treatments are certainly a good idea, post-construction treatments are much more common. Post-construction treatments are performed for two reasons: to prevent termite damage and to halt existing termites.

If the entire house is involved in a preventative treatment it’s called a complete treatment. If a small area is treated for damage, that’s a spot treatment. If a larger area needs to be treated it’s called a partial treatment.

Liquid pesticides are still the most commonly used post-construction treatment method. Baits are another common method of eradicating termites. In extreme circumstances where a significant percentage of the structure is under attack, fumigation will be used. A “tent” is used to cover the entire structure and a toxic fumigant is pumped into the tent, which will stay in place to prevent human entry for a few days.

Talk to you pest prevention professionals about what methods are best for your home. Take care of termites early and you won’t have costly damage later.


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