A Few Tips That Can Help You Control Cockroaches in Restaurants

Few things can be quite as bad for your restaurant as a cockroach infestation. Not only would it disgust your diners, it’s a health hazard that will certainly prove problematic during your next inspection. Keeping cockroaches out of restaurants, though, is easier said than done. It’s often the ideal hiding place for these little creatures, and vigilance is a must. These tips can help.

  • Inspect Routinely. cockroach is a big pestThe better you know your restaurant, the less likely you are to deal with pests in the future. Look for spots in your kitchen and storage area that might prove to be good hiding spots for cockroaches. Remember that if you are infested, you will almost always find feces and egg cases fairly quickly. You’ll also want to keep an eye on your trash bins, floor drains, and any hollow tubing routinely, as cockroaches would love to stay there too.
  • Suspicion Demands Monitoring. If you do suspect that you’re infested, you can do more than inspect those spots where the cockroaches might be hiding. Glue boards can be helpful in this situation, as they’ll let you know exactly what’s going on and where in your restaurant.
  • Keep It Clean. Better sanitation methods are best when you have pest control problems on your hands. Keeping your trash cans as clean as possible as well as everything in your kitchen is an absolute must. Before your shut down your kitchen each night, check to make certain everything is as clean as possible so you don’t invite an infestation in the future.

Even tips like these sometimes can’t keep an infestation at bay. Fortunately, we can help. Contact us today to learn more about our unique commitment to exclusion techniques that can help keep pests out of your business before they become a problem. If you’re already infested, we can help there too with low impact solutions that are safe for your restaurant but deadly to the cockroaches inside. Give us a call to learn more.

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Braden Bills December 21, 2016

It makes sense that restaurants would want to watch out for pests like cockroaches. Routine inspections would be very important. I think the most important part is ensuring that they are taken care of if they are found!

Jenna April 18, 2017

Thank you for your suggestion.Yes it is very important to keep the restaurant clean and bugs free.

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