The Bed Bug Removal and Treatment Info You Need

Tiny red welts. An itchy rash. Little brownish spots on the sheets. A persistent, musty smell. All of these are signs of a beg bug infestation.

Just the thought of a beg bug is enough to disturb you sleep. Actually having them in your home can be a nightmare. These pests are more common in the US than you might think and they are very difficult to eradicate once an infestation has begun.

Blog 1 Bed-BugsHow do they get in?
Bed bugs are crafty creatures and highly skilled in the art of concealment. They have flattened bodies that help them hide in even the slimmest of crevices. The cuff of a pant leg is an excellent means of transportation. So are suitcases and briefcases. Second-hand clothing and furniture can also bring bed bugs into your home.

Where do they live?
You won’t find a nest as with ants or mice. Bed bugs do live in colonies but they don’t build a structure or borrow. They simply slip into cracks to hide. They are nocturnal so you won’t often see them in the daylight. Bed bugs feed at night, usually while you are sleeping.

How do I know that I have bed bugs?
Since bed bugs feed at night and since their food is blood, the symptom most people notice are small red bumps that appear in the morning but weren’t there the night before. The bites usually don’t hurt or itch at first. The itching usually begins a little later in the day.

Other signs of an infestation are the little dots of blood left behind after a feeding. You might also notice what looks like black pepper on your sheets or mattress. (That dark material is actually fecal material.) A persistent musty smell often accompanies a bed bug infestation.

How do I get rid of them? Fast?!
Bed bugs are so good at getting into crevices that they are difficult to kill with ordinary sprays. They are also resistant to most pesticides. A bed bug problem requires a professional touch. Steam treatments and monitoring are needed to get rid of them entirely.

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