Keeping Rats Out of Your Home

The word, “rat” probably sends shivers down your back. If your home has been visited by rats, you most likely have more than just a shiver down your back when you hear the word rat, or worse yet, see one run across the floor.

Understanding Rats
Article 1 - Close up of RatBefore delving into rat elimination, it is important to know a little about rats and their behaviors. They are larger in size than mice, and therefore they need a larger entrance hole. They can get in through a hole that is a half inch or bigger. Unlike the rats that some people keep as pets, the rats that invade our homes can carry many diseases that can be harmful both to humans as well as pets. The most common rats that we need to worry about are the black rats and the brown rats. Rats are not at all picky when it comes to food. They will eat just about anything they can find including meats, fur, soap, snails, other rodents, eggs, meat, veggies, milk, candy, nuts and grains. They have to consume half an ounce to an ounce of water daily for survival.

Keeping Them Out
Since rats only need a hole about a half of an inch in size to enter a home, it would make sense that the first step in rat elimination would be to exclude any other rats from entering the home. So, it is important to walk both inside and outside the home in search of holes, broken screens, broken windows, and large cracks. Repair and fill in any holes or cracks found and repair broken screens and windows. Once the repairs are completed you are done with step number one. However, there is more work to be done, because now you have to figure out how to get the ones that have already entered out.

The next step is to get rid of the rats that have already decided to take up residence in your home. There are many DIY kits available to get rid of the rats. These include poison, traps, and other such things. Many of these, though, can pose risks to young children and pets. The bigger problem, though, is that they’re often ineffective. However, there is a better option, which is to call in the right pest control company. The right exterminator can come into your home and figure out exactly where the rats have decided to nest. They have fail-proof methods of eliminating the rats from your residence. Rat elimination is something that they are very experienced with and take extremely seriously.

Once a pest control team has gotten rid of the rats from your home, they will work with you on prevention strategies for the future. They want to help you in preventing rats from taking up residence in your home again.

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