Fighting Winter Mice

Cold weather sends many a pest scurrying for shelter. Mice are often some of the first – and worst – offenders. When the mercury drops, they start looking for warm, safe places to spend the winter. Don’t let your house be the one they choose.

Blog 3 winter miceThe common house mouse is remarkable well-adapted to a life lived in close proximity to humans. They have been our unwanted companions for millennia. From the first moment that early man dropped a bit of hard-fought food, a mouse was there to grab it.

These prolific breeders can spread like wildfire once in your attic, garage or crawlspace. They can have 6 to 10 litters of pups in a single year. Each litter averages 6 to 8 pups. You can see how quickly a mouse or two can quickly become a whole-house infestation.

Mice aren’t just able to multiply exponentially; they can also endanger your home and family. They bring in fleas and diseases, contaminate the house and its contents with droppings and urine and they chew just about anything they can get into their tiny hands. They will damage walls, tear up insulation and gnaw wires that can lead to electrical fires.

The best way to get rid of mice is not to have them at all. Prevention is critical to mouse elimination. All they need is a ¼ crack in a foundation or gap under the garage door and they’ll be inside your home. Ask your pest professionals to do an inspection for access points as part of an integrated pest management plan.

Good sanitation practices will also help make your home a less attractive place for mice. Pet food and bird feed should always be kept off the floor in tightly sealed containers even if you keep them in the garage or storage shed. Don’t let you trash and debris build up, inside or out.

Talk to your Ransford Pest Control professional to learn more about how to keep mice out of your home this winter.

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