Fall and Winter Pest Prevention

Any pest control specialist will tell you that the best way to have a pest-free home is prevention. An ounce of thoughtful pest prevention is certainly worth more than a pound of cure, especially since the cure can involve harsh chemicals and pesticides. Make a little time this fall to take some preventative measures against fall and winter pests.

Caulk the cracks.
Many pests need Blog 4 Fall Pest controlonly a tiny space to gain access to your home. Mice can sneak in with a ¼ inch gap and bugs need even less than that. A window that doesn’t seal or a door with poor weather stripping is like an open invitation to pests.

Examine your foundation, windows, doors and vents. Caulk and seal any gaps and cracks. Replace weather stripping around doors and check the door sweeps for damage. This will help keep pest from finding a way inside.

Clean up the house.
A full trash can makes for a good meal for many pests. Empty your promptly and wash it out between bags. Don’t let dishes hang around in the sink and keep the counters clear of crumbs. Your food becomes the pest’s food if you leave it lying around.

Mind the yard.
Your yard is the first place pests invade so cut them off there as well. Rake the mulch back until it’s about a foot from the foundation to make it harder for pests to travel unnoticed. Trim foundation plants like shrubs back to the same distance.

Wood piles are known havens for termites, spiders, mice, snakes and other household pests. If you must have one, keep it neat and well away from the house. It might a few extra steps to bring a log in for the fire but it will keep pest further from your door.

A professional pest control company can help you with your fall crack-down on pests. Ask what steps you should take to keep your home safe, comfortable and pest-free this winter and all year long.

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