Eliminating Carpenter Ants

The largest ants around are most definitely the carpenter ants. They are typically anywhere from 3.4 to 13 mm long. Most carpenter ants are black, however some are red or yellow in color. These ants can be found both inside and outside. They prefer to nest in wood which is moist, hollow or decaying. In forming their nests, they will cut tunnels into the wood, making passageways from one area of the nest to another.
Article 2 - Carpenter ant on Wood

One way people tend to know that they have been invaded with carpenter ants is to see wood shavings along with dead ant parts. Though they bore through the wood, they do not actually eat the wood. Rather carpenter ants search out the types of foods we eat, especially sweets and meats. Which, is the second way people tend to figure out carpenter ants have invaded their home or an area near their home.

Carpenter ants will be found in the kitchen, or anywhere else food can be found. A final way that people realize that carpenter ants are at work in the wood of their home is hearing a rustling type of sound while the ants are working at boring through the wood, creating their tunnels.

It would be easy to say that because the ants do not pose any real danger to humans or pets nothing needs to be done about them. However, this would not be the wisest decision to make. Though coexisting peacefully would be an option, it would not be an option for very long. If something is not done about the carpenter ants fairly quickly, extensive damage to the structure can happen, because remember, they are boring tunnels through the wood, thus destroying the wood that makes up the home.

It is, therefore, important to figure out where the carpenter ants are building their nest. If you are nott hearing them build it, which is highly possible, then it can be a difficult task to find the nest. So, what do you do if you can’t seem to find the nest? Call in the professionals, of course. Even if you do find the nest, it is important to call in the professional to get rid of the nest.

A Ransford Pest Control specialist has the training, knowledge, and experience to not only locate any and all carpenter ant nests in your home and eliminate them, but also to fix any moisture conditions that the ants found to be beneficial to them. Further, pest control can come up with a plan for prevention. They will make sure that carpenter ants do not become a problem in your home again so that you can live a peaceful and ant free life once again.

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