When Do Squirrels Become Pests?

We see squirrels scurrying about every day. The majority of the time when we see squirrels jumping from tree to tree or gathering nuts, the word “pest” is not the first word that comes to mind. However, squirrels can and do become pests more often than you think. When they cross that line, they need to be removed swiftly and correctly. This means hiring a pest control company with wildlife expertise to do the job.

Squirrel BlogBut what is it that makes a squirrel turn from a regular friendly furry woodland creature to a pest around the house? As with most pests, it tends to come down to shelter and food. Many houses provide food already even if they do not mean to.

Do you have a garden? Squirrels love gardens. They also are big fans of oak trees and other nut providing trees. And one of their absolute favorite snacks is bird food. If your house puts out bird feeders, the squirrels will come. Even with no way of getting into the feeder, they find a way and will also wait and pick up all the seeds on the ground. They have also been known to snack on pumpkins during the fall season, so your jack-o-lantern may end up looking rather chewed upon.

Squirrels will move into a home, primarily a high location like an attic, if there is an opening they can climb through and build a nest. An attic provides them with a fantastic place to live. It is warm and cozy, keeps them out of the wind and the rain, and is safe from predators. This also means it is a safe place for them to raise young. Squirrels can do damage by chewing and can also be annoying due to the noise they make, from chattering to scratching and gnawing sounds.

If squirrels are in your attic or other areas of your home and causing damage, Ransford Pest Control for squirrel removal as well as prevention from further problems.

Ransford Environmental Solutions is committed to providing excellent results and inform you on prevention techniques that you can use to make sure squirrels remain outside where they belong.

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