The Biggest Little Problem: The House Mouse

They look small and insignificant. Hardly bigger than a child’s pink eraser, they certainly look harmless. Their tiny pink noses and twitching whiskers have endeared mice to many as pets. So what’s the big deal about a little house mouse? How much damage can something so little really do?

The problems caused by the diminutive house mouse are much larger than their size suggests. They can cause damage to property (most of which will not be covered by your homeowners policy) and they can pose a very serious health risk to you and your family. You can’t afford the problems the common mouse will bring. This little menace has to be controlled.

Blog 1 Mouse-In-HomeMice are known for their teeth. Their gnawing poses a huge risk to your home and its contents. Dry wall, electronics, wires, baseboards, clothing, shoes, toys – nothing is off limits for their destructive chewing. They will chew and destroy anything they can find in order to find food and build nests. Check your homeowners insurance policy. Oftentimes, major damage caused by wild animals is covered but many policies exclude household pests like mice.

Mice and their prolific droppings can also damage your health. These vermin are known to spread more than 35 different diseases worldwide. Add that the numerous diseases caused by the fleas and ticks they carry and the result is frightening. These diseases are passed largely through contact with mouse urine or feces. They have no bladder control and aren’t choosy about where they leave droppings. They will not hesitate to contaminate counters and food stores alike.

Look for signs of a mouse infestation like droppings, gnawed spots and messy piles in dark or secluded corners like in the attic or garage. You might see the “runways” (like clear streaks on dusty floors or dark, greasy marks on baseboards) that mice travel as they are creatures of habit. The will often traverse the same track night after night. Pay attention to your pets, too. If your cat or dog seems to be staring at a vent or appliance a little too long, he might have seen, heard or smelled something you couldn’t. Cooler weather often forces pests indoors so this is the season to watch out for mice.

Integrated pest management is one of the best methods for identifying and eliminating house mice. IPM uses a comprehensive system of prevention and corrective measures to eliminate pests. Implementing proper sanitation and monitoring programs will soon make your house mouse-free.

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