Sparrow Prevention and Control Tips

Birds are often interesting to watch. They are also lovely to listen to, most of the time. However, some birds just become pests. The sparrows are a prime example of a bird that becomes a pest, rather than being fun to watch or listen to. They often crowd out other birds that are a joy such as bluebirds and martins. Sparrows are aggressive birds that destroy eggs and the young of other bird species.

Blog 4 - Sparrow controlOf course, driving out other birds is not the only reason sparrows are a problem. If they make their way into a home, then their feathers and droppings can become hazardous and unsanitary. Further, they can bring other pests such as fleas with them. Plus, their nests, once built inside a house, like in an attic, can become a fire hazard. This is all besides the fact, of course, that they can become a great annoyance.

Preventing sparrows from entering your home meansĀ checking your home for holes and openings. All holes or openings that are more than Ā¾ inch should be closed up to keep sparrows from coming inside. Also, make sure that any broken windows are repaired or at the very least covered with wire mesh or plywood so that sparrows cannot take advantage of them. Finally, make sure that, if you like to feed other birds, you are not using food that sparrows like to eat such as grains, fruit, seeds and garden plants. For further prevention strategies, you can talk to your pest control specialist. They are knowledgeable and can give you further tips.

If you are already dealing with sparrows in your home you will want to contact your pest control specialist right away. They are experienced with such disturbances and can help you come up with the best plan for getting the sparrow(s) out of your home and then preventing more from entering.

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