Need a Lift for the Holidays?

The holiday season is a time for fun and family. Sharing beloved traditions and plenty of joy is first on the agenda. It’s when we feel a little merrier and brighter than the rest of the year. It’s certainly not when we want to be injured and stuck at home.

Blog 2 Hang lightsEach year, emergency rooms treat an estimated 12,500 victims of holiday accidents related to Christmas trees and Holiday lights. Falls, cuts and shocks top the list of common household seasonal accidents. Hanging lights from the roof or a wreath from a gable is dangerous work. Most homeowners are not properly equipped to do these jobs safely.

Using your typical extension ladder is unwise. They aren’t steady and your hands will be full of decorations so you can’t hold on the way you should. Step ladders are more stable but they usually aren’t tall enough to get the bigger jobs done.

So what’s a homeowner in the throes of the holiday spirit to do? Rent a lift for the holidays. Our towable 50 foot lift is just what you need to get your house dressed up in its holiday best. It even comes with a certified operator.

A lift has a wide, stable base and a long extendable “arm”. At the end of the arm is a safe and secure “basket” in which an adult can stand. The basket has railings to keep you from falling and to keep you steady. Its flat platform is wide enough to comfortably stand and do your decorating without putting yourself in danger. You won’t have to tote things up and down the ladder. You can load a few items in the basket, step inside and you’ll be gently raised to the height you need. Just be sure to stay no less than 10 feet away from any electrical lines.

Staying out of the ER means staying safe while you decorate. Don’t forget to book you time for taking things down in January, too. It’s just as easy to get hurt coming down as going up! Don’t take chances this holiday season. Enjoy the lights without the fight by renting a lift. Call Ransford Environmental Solutions today at 1-877-283-4498.

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