With Cool Weather Comes The Mice!

If you hear a scream and then see someone up on a table or a chair, what is the first thing you think of? Yep, mice! Unfortunately, no one is immune to having mice in their home or even their business. Mice, like many other pests, tend to enter homes or businesses during the cooler months of fall, winter and spring. They enter in an attempt to find shelter from the cooler temperatures and the weather elements such as rain and snow.

How Do They Get In?
Blog 2 - Mouse hole  and preventionMany people who have dealt with mice in the past are plagued by the question, “How did the mice get in?” Of course, there is the obvious answer that if you leave your front door or your back door open for extended amounts of time, the mice can quite easily find their way inside. But, even if your doors never stay open longer than it takes for you to get inside or outside, these pests can still find ways in. If there are any cracks or holes in the foundation, floors or walls, the mice can find a way in. Also, mice can find a way in through gaps that are in windows and ceilings. They can also come in through sewer lines. What many people don’t realize is that mice, due to their agile bodies, can enter through holes that are much smaller than themselves. In fact, if a pencil can fit in a hole, so can a mouse.

They Are Here; What Now?
The first thing to do is to try to figure out where the mice might be coming in at. Seal off any cracks or holes that you find in an attempt to prevent more from coming in. The next step for mice removal is to call pest control. Yes, you can put out the store bought traps. However, given that mice reproduce at an amazing rate, a pest control specialist will be able to figure out where the mice are nesting and can focus his or her efforts in the right places in order to get rid of them. Further, they will be able to help you put prevention measures in place so that mice do not become a problem again.

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