Spider Season

Spiders figure heavily in fall décor. Halloween spiders and webs will soon be seen bedecking doors and littering lawns. It’s all in good fun, unless the spiders are real.

Blog 2 Spider seasonHouse spiders usually start getting a little more visible in the late summer and early fall. Many people think this is due to cooling outdoor air but that’s not accurate. The spiders you see inside are usually members of a few species that have adapted to life indoors and couldn’t survive outside. They most often spend their entire life cycle in a single building unless they are forcibly removed. The late summer and early fall weeks are simply the beginning of mating season. What you see are roving males seeking mates.

Most house spiders are shy and harmless creatures that want even less to do with you than you do with them. Only a couple of species (Black Widows and Brown Recluses) can do you any harm. They would greatly prefer it if they never had to lay their many eyes on you ever again. They eat the nastier bugs so they really aren’t bad guys after all. Even still, most of us don’t want to share quarters with them.

Outdoor garden spiders are also good hunters and help rid your yard of mosquitos, biting flies and other unpleasant insects. Hunting spiders might make you jump and walking into the work of the web spinners will make you do that crazy dance but they are generally beneficial creatures. It’s just a matter of everyone keeping to their assigned spaces.

If spiders are migrating out of their designated corner and into yours, there are some things you can do to thwart their movement. An integrated pest management system will use methods of control and prevention to keep the peace. These methods utilize less harsh chemicals are more common sense so it’s a great system for households with children and pets to protect. A professional pest control company can help you determine the best methods for establishing boundaries between the spiders and you.

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