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Autumn means beautiful colors, cooler temperatures, and stink bugs. Yes, it also means stink bugs! These pesky pests are headed your way as fall settles in. The stink bugs, like us, don’t mind being outside in the elements when the weather outside is nice. However, as it starts becoming cooler outside, the stink bugs head into our homes in order to seek shelter and warmth.
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What are stink bugs, exactly?” you might be asking. Stink bugs are insects which grow to be about 2 cm in length. The width of their body is approximately the same as the length. They are oval or shield shaped bugs. The adult stink bugs are typically green or brown in color, however, there are some that are bright colors. The nymphs, or baby stink bugs, are anywhere from black in color to yellow in color. The reason they have earned the name stink bug is because they emit an odor from the glands on their abdomen when they are handled by predators or by humans.

Why are stink bugs a problem?” might be your next question. The most obvious problem that these pests present is obviously the foul odor that they can emit. Of course, if your house is invaded with stink bugs, then your house might start smelling foul. Further, stink bugs love veggies and many fruits. If you own a farm or even a garden, stink bugs can literally wipe out the food you have been trying to grow. Even if you don’t have a garden, the fruits and veggies that you bring home from the market can become subject to the stink bug invasion.

Your final question may be, “What can I do?” One solution that is at your fingertips is to go to the hardware store and look for DIY kits, sprays, etc. to remove and keep stink bugs away. But, a better solution, and a more effective solution, is to call your pest control services. They are knowledgeable and professional and can come up with the best prevention and/or removal plan.

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