3 Ways to Prevent Tick Problems In Your Yard

Few insects are as feared as the tick. They spread disease and can be difficult to see and remove. However, there are some important steps you can take to minimize your exposure to ticks in your yard.

  1. Landscaping: tick-control Blog 4Be sure to keep up with your landscaping. Don’t let trees get overgrown or go without a good trimming. Ticks need a lot of humidity to survive and dislike well-groomed lawns with little shade. Also, a gravel, mulch, or wood chip barrier between any nearby woods and your lawn can keep ticks from migrating to your yard.
  2. Yard Clean Up: Be sure to mow regularly and weed often. Also, do not leave piles of brush or leaves in your yard. These steps will also deter mice from your property, which ticks often feed on.
  3. Acaricides: This is a pesticide that kills ticks and can only be used by a licensed professional. If the previous steps do not help to curb your tick problem, give us a call right away!

If you already have ticks in your home, know where to look for them. Ticks are often brought in the home by the family pet or on clothes worn through heavily wooded areas. They can often be found indoors on living plants, in the carpet, or the clothes hamper. They also frequent couches and beds. Do a tick check on each other and your pet often. Ticks often like to attach themselves to hidden areas on the body as well. Be sure to check leg creases, areas covered in hair, armpits, and even the belly button area. Be sure to use a tick repellent on your animals, whether they are indoor or outdoor animals. Also, use bug spray with DEET to deter ticks. If ticks are becoming a problem for you and your family, give us at Ransford Pest Control a call.




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